7 Steps for Creating an E-mail Deliverability Strategy

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Getting e-mail messages delivered to inboxes doesn’t happen by accident — it takes planning, technical know-how, industry relationships and ongoing diligence on the part of marketers. Here is a seven-step process for creating an e-mail deliverability strategy for your company:

Step 1. Plan ahead, get permission. No brand makes it to the inbox consistently without taking this seriously. Marketers with a deliverability strategy build their lists using opt-in methods.

Step 2. Build a reputation. Marketers need to be aware of the fact that spam is a real threat and as a result must be certain to honor their customers’ opt-out requests. Then they should start sending their e-mails deliberately so their customers can differentiate their legitimate e-mail from spam.

Step 3. Authenticate. Whether it’s Sender Policy Framework, Sender ID or Domain Keys, authenticating your e-mail is a must in 2009.

Step 4. Approach receivers as ecosystems. Subscribers rule when it comes to deliverability — they decide what’s spam and what isn’t. This is changing the way spam filtering technology works as a collaborative ecosystem.

Step 5. Use accreditation and reputation tools. There are a number of services that marketers can apply for. if approved, this third-party accreditation will help deliverability.

Step 6. Get relevant and monitor engagement. Nothing drives the likelihood of your e-mailing being diverted to the spam folder more than sending to people who don’t want your mailings.

Step 7. Keep your eyes on the road ahead. Deliverability is an evolving challenge that encompasses permission, reputation and authentication. In addtion, the e-mail landscape includes newer challenges, such as mobile delivery, image suppression and domain reputation. As the road ahead continues to shift, marketers need to continually learn and update their knowledge to create a sound deliverability strategy.


Source: http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/article/7-steps-creating-e-mail-deliverability-strategy/

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